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'S No Joke

I see frequent posts on Facebook from people pining for snow.  Those posts would not be from me, but I DO enjoy remembering it, even if I didn’t enjoy living in it. As a kid I loved the white stuff. 

Mom would spend 30 minutes getting me all “garbed up” to go outside.  We’d find the boots from last winter were too small and the coat was so tight I couldn’t move my arms. Eventually I’d be dressed and ready to venture out. Then I’d need to go to the bathroom.  There’s a reason mothers drink. 

By the way, did your mother have you put your feet in plastic bags before you put them in the boots?  It made them easier to take off but it felt like skiing inside my boots.

I’d build a snowman or take flight down our favorite sledding hill.  The descent was fabulous, but the uphill trudge, not so much.  In 30 minutes or less, I’d be ready to come in for cocoa. Remember the removal routine?  Boots (preferably kicked off on a large rug or newspaper,) hat, mittens, coat, then those snow pants, always wet at the bottom, even though tucked into the boots.  

I’m told that Eskimos have 13 words for snow.  We have several, too, and many of them aren’t nice. But there are different types of snow.  There are the fine, dry flakes that cloud the air.  When you look out your window, you think you’re in fog-shrouded London.

Then there are the fat, wet ones.  Those were my favorites.  They made great snowmen and fabulous snow forts.  Remember packing the hardest snowball, throwing it at that bratty kid next door and then ducking behind the safety of your fort?

As adults, we may didn’t always love it.  It’s not fun to shovel and dig out cars.  If we were lucky enough to have a garage, then we worried about getting the car out without skidding down the driveway. And how about that snow driving and getting to work on time, if we could actually go there? In these days of online work and learning, snow days may have lost their novelty for kids.  Let’s face it; EVERY day is a snow day, even with instruction.

Maybe snow is better left to the recesses of our Old School memories and besides, it looks really pretty on those Christmas cards!   


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